Desperate for S’mores? Quick and Easy Fix!

Before I was about ten, I had never heard of them. Until I passed 40, I had only had a few, as campfires were few and far between. I both  love and curse my friend Beth for telling me about this trick. My son just loves her for it.

Here is how I fight the occasional desperate need for S’mores:

First: assemble your ingredients:

Graham crackers

Chocolate (two squares from a regular chocolate bar or three from a mini bar)

Six to Eight Mini-Marshmallows

An oven or toaster oven (but please, not a toaster… that could get really messy)

smore ingredients

Then, on a tiny cookie sheet or if that’s in the sink dirty, just grab a sheet of aluminum foil or parchment paper and proceed building.

Add chocolate to graham cracker. Really, don’t add more. This is plenty, unless you like scalding hot chocolate dripping down your hands…

smores chocolate wm

Next, add the mini-marshmallows. Again, six to eight is enough, unless you like being burned by molten sugar. I like the mini-marshmallows because they get mushy all the way through. The big ones never do. And I like piling them on top of the chocolate, because it seems to melt more evenly. Besides, when I squish the second graham cracker on top later, everything spreads to the edges. If you start on the outside, it never squishes towards the middle!

smores marshmallows wm

Look at them getting warm…

smores in the oven wm

Almost there. See how the marshmallows are getting puffy? Pay very close attention at this point. They can go from golden and nummy to crispy in no time flat.

smores inside oven wm

Roughly three to three and a half minutes after they were put in the oven, they are ready to come out! I had the cheap toaster oven set on about 400* and “bake.”

smores done wm

Ahhh, would you look at that?

smores all done wm

Put the second graham cracker on the top and squish it slightly. If you don’t squish it a bit, the marshmallows will begin to harden and the top graham cracker will slide off.

smores ready to eat wm

In our family, two s’mores sandwiches are enough, three is slightly too much, four is sickening…

Just one final word: be careful. Every item that can melt has melted. They get runny when they are melted. Do not wear good clothes or even light colored clothes (or fuzzy bathrobes).

smores aftermath wm


You have been warned!


Have you ever done this before? Do you do any variations? Please share! We’d all love to hear! And if I have just done to you what my friend Beth did to/for me, then I apologize and you are welcome.


7 thoughts on “Desperate for S’mores? Quick and Easy Fix!

  1. According to the July/Aug issue of EveryDay with Rachel Ray, August 10 is National S’mores Day. Did you know that? Now everyone will be prepared with your easy recipe!

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