Quick, Easy Chicken Cordon Blue (No pounding or rolling!)

Do you ever experiment with food? Make up your own recipes? I do.

Heaven help my son, but I do.

Sometimes, it can turn out great. Sometimes, notsomuch.

Last week, leftover chicken and ham inspired me to create an Easy, Lazy Chicken Cordon Bleu.

A what?


Check out this Recipe:

A cup or two of leftover cooked chicken and ham. Shred it, cube it, just make it little.

Make a basic Bechamel sauce. Sounds fancy doesn’t it? It’s not. Basically, equal parts oil and flour, add a corresponding number cups of cream, plus some garlic, salt and pepper.

So, two tablespoons butter, let it foam, add two tablespoons flour and cook for a min or two to cook out the raw flour taste, add two cups cream and whisk until the lumps disappear and the sauce starts to thicken. I love to add garlic at this point. I just grate in a clove or two. You can finely mince if you don’t have a handheld grater. Then, add about 1/4 – 1/3 cup of cheese. Salt and pepper to suit your tastes. I love lots of pepper in my cheese sauces. Parmesan will turn this into an alfredo sauce. I chose swiss. Why? Because Chicken Cordon Bleu is usually made with swiss cheese, of course. The sauce is pretty much done at this point. Add the meat and heat through. If you really need the breadcrumbs associated with the rolled Cordon Bleu experience, you can put the sauce and meat in a casserole dish, sprinkle with seasoned bread crumbs and bake until it’s heated through. Probably 20-25 min in a 350* oven. I’m not sure on the timing of that. We were hungry and just did it in a skillet. This is really good over pasta, but can definitely be eaten alone. We added some quick cooking frozen peas to the side and called it a meal.


Official Looking RECIPE:

1-2 C precooked Ham and Chicken, shredded or cubed

2 T Butter

2 T Flour

2 C Cream

2 Cloves Garlic, minced or grated (more or less to suite your tastes)

1/4 C Cheese (swiss is the go-to here, but you can be creative), grated

Salt and Pepper to taste


Over medium heat, heat butter to foaming.

Add flour and stir.

Cook a minute or two, until the flour is absorbed and the raw flour smell is gone.

Add cream. Whisk until mixture is smooth.

Add garlic to taste.

Add cheese. Cook until melted.

Add meat. Heat through.

Salt and Pepper to taste.

Serve or put in oven safe dish, add bread crumbs, and cook until heated through and then serve.


I got two thumbs up and a wide-eyed, “This is great” from my teenaged son. I’ll take that reaction for something I came up with on the fly…

Basically, over the years I have learned to be my own chef and make up things as I go along. Sometimes, it turns out great, like this one. Sometimes, I have to laugh and apologize to my son for forcing such atrocities upon him. I am thankful he is a good sport. He has learned to eat and not complain. When he was little, while I tried to fix things I thought he would like, I didn’t dumb down his food. I served him real food, not child food. It kept his mind relatively open. He still doesn’t like pickles or peanut butter, but I’m working on him!

If you try this recipe, let me know how it turned out. I’d love to hear.



2 thoughts on “Quick, Easy Chicken Cordon Blue (No pounding or rolling!)

  1. I didn’t even think about writing about it until after it was all consumed. I had a hungry teenager who was withering away before my eyes, starving nigh unto death… I apparently got him food just in the nick of time. Two helpings later, he was happy. I will definitely get pictures next time!


  2. Sounds delicious! You should have taken a photo to post so we could all have something to drool over after reading the recipe. 🙂


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